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Our shop "Dnister" specializes in the sale of meat products such as: sausages, hams, pates made ??from old Ukrainian recipes without preservatives. We cook products of traditional Ukrainian cuisine: cabbage rolls, crepes, burgers, cutlets, fish, borscht, soups. We also have a large selection of salads like: coleslaw, cabbage stew, bigos, beet salad, and eggplant and potato salad. Our sweets such as: cheese cake, apple cake, homemade cookies, cheese pie, and apple pie, poppy seed pie, will satisfy the most refined taste of our customers.
Hallmark of our store are barbeque ribs, Stuffed chicken and Cabbage rolls. They are made ??with "Dnister" own recipes.
Barbeque ribs are kept in a specially prepared marinade, then processed with spices in which include more than 25 different plants and herbs. After that they are cooked in the oven at different temperatures for three hours. For more than 10 years our ribs gained recognition of our customers and are one of our top products.
Our Stuffed chicken is a favorite product of our customers and we are taking pre-orders for its making. Chicken bones are removed when the skin and the meat remains intact. Itís stuffed with processed spices and twisted in a roll and then bake in the oven.
Cabbage rolls are one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes. We prepare cabbage leaves and the stuffing of the Cabbage rolls in advance, (the leaves require at least a day to soften). The stuffing is rice with special herbs and vegetables. Cabbage rolls are prepared in the oven for about 4 hours and its one of the most ordered dishes we make.
Ukrainian homemade sausages is the most popular sausage among our customers. Made from old family recipes with the addition of Ukrainian spices and baked in the oven. Itís one of the products which we are most proud of.
Reviews on the Internet about the quality of our products gives us confidence for even more productive, quality work, to better meet the demanding needs of our customers.